Mozzy's Log Sorter


Oct 11, 2022 - Oct 21, 2023 (Version 8.5)
- 100% of jQuery removed. Things shouldn't have broken, maybe.
- Made title smaller and moved the Changelog link.
- Format display numbers better.
- Removed local storage notice.
- Cleaned up CSS and some general structure.
- Minor changes.

Mar 15, 2022 (Version 8)
- Entire website rewritten to use ES6 Modules. Doing my part against global pollution.
- By default, no bot is now selected.
- Added a new icon to show extra options. Look for the arrow icon to the right.
- Share settings feature now uses a smarter way of creating the URL. It has also been moved to an icon on the first row. Now also saves more settings.
- Renamed Match Input and Split IDs buttons.
- Enabled outlines for more elements.
- Fixed Show example function slightly.
- Disabled old redirects.

Feb 19, 2022 (Version 7.6)
- Added a "Show example" button under debug menu (double-click "Log Sorter" on the main site).
- Fixed cookies, then removed them. Now uses Local Storage instead of cookies for theme settings.
- "Split IDs" now converts the output to newlines before splitting.
- Accessibility: Added "Tab" outlines to items, checkboxes, and buttons.
- Updated color animations.
- Code housekeeping.

Oct 25, 2021 (Version 7.5)
- Cleaned up and freshened some code. Nothing visual. Hopefully broke nothing.
- Added a preload spinny thing to prevent flickering.

May 11, 2021 (Version 7)
- Added light mode. It defaults to your system preference, but can be selected manually in the top left corner. Dark mode was also... darkened in a few areas.
- Added debug/extra options. Double-click "Log Sorter" or the | between the Load/Save buttons to toggle debug mode. Comes with some extra options.
- Added a way to share all current settings. Can be found in the Debug settings. Example here.
- The Input textbox now also has numbered lines.
- Added an option to scroll to the bottom (or Verbose if used with newlines) of the textbox on parse.
- Changed the button order and colors to make a bit more sense. Green to start, Blue to alter, Red to clear.
- The website should now be more mobile (and small screen) friendly, stacking the textboxes vertically when at a certain width. Won't be perfect for all devices, of course.
- Some backend work with how IDs are counted and such.

Apr 10, 2021 (Version 6)
- Added the option to only output unique IDs. Effectively a duplication check.
- Removing duplicates now takes "Newlines" and "Verbose" options into account and now works fully as intended.
- Rewrote and optimized a lot of code handling sorting and most functions, resulting in a lot quicker and more efficient sorting speeds. Previously, matching 9K lines took over 2 seconds. Now, 170K takes 1 second.

Mar 24, 2021 (Version 5)
- Added ability to match against multiple starting numbers. Useful if the target accounts vary in age.
- Added some more styling to input boxes.
- Made changes to the File Upload method and changed some under-the-hood things. Uploading a file will now populate the Input textbox.
- Removed the check (and annoying alert) for empty starting IDs in favor of placeholder text.

Jan 30, 2021 (Version 4)
- Added ability to split the results into groups of x amount. This only works when using newlines. Please remove duplicates before splitting for the best effect.

Jan 29, 2021 (Version 3.5)
- Added numbered lines to the Output textbox.
- Added some nicer scrollbars.
- Stonks.

Jan 24, 2021 (Version 3)
- Added ability to use custom RegEx. You can select it in "Select RegEx".
- Added a second textbox that can be used as a complete replacement for uploading a file. Simply paste the logs and press "Match Input".
- Added status text (left of "Output") that shows you if it's working and how many matches were found.
- Also added the stats of "Remove duplicates" to the status text above.
- Fixed some code related to file checks.
- Changed various text, tooltips and styling.
- Did my best to scale the website depending on window size.

Jan 21, 2021 (Version 2)
- Added actual styling.
- Added ability to select RegEx pattern.
- Added ability to select newline ID separator.
- Added ability to toggle verbose logs.
- Added ability to save a text file.
- Added ability to "Copy text".
- Added ability to "Clear text".
- Added ability to "Remove duplicates".
- Rewrote all the code.

Jan 19, 2021 (Version 1)
- Initial release.

Supported Bots

(Updated 2022-07-05)

Zeppelin (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves)
Aperture (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves)
GearBot (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves)
Auttaja (Compact logs) (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves)
Utilibot (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves - Not all formats were tested. Don't blindly trust)
Vortex (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves, Kicks - Anti-Raid)
Nexus (Joins/Leaves, Joins, Leaves)
Mee6/GiselleBot/Dyno/Carl-bot (Only IDs after "*ID:" are grabbed. Don't rely on this)

All IDs (First per line or all) (Filters every ID, any number with the length of 17-19)

If you want your favorite bot added, contact me on X / Twitter. If you prefer Discord, my username is mozzy. I will however only take serious looks at bots that do not use embeds as logs. One line logs are better.
Version 0 was a C# program, which can be downloaded here.
The full source code can be found here.

Known Issues
- I barely knew how to program when I made this.